Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Welcoming Dr. Sachil Singh as a co-editor of Big Data and Society

We are very happy to announce that Dr. Sachil Singh (Queen's University, Canada) is joining the editorial staff of the journal as a co-editor. Dr. Singh will expand our editorial expertise in health and medicine, critical race studies and surveillance/sorting.

Dr.  Sachil Singh
Surveillance Studies Centre, Department of Sociology, Queen’s University, Canada

Dr. Singh is a sociologist whose main areas of study are medical sociology, critical race studies and surveillance. The common thread in his work is attention to the racial outcomes of digital sorting technologies, which has allowed him to research topics as varied as credit scoring in South Africa and healthcare in Canada. His current work examines the extent to which healthcare practitioners in Canada rely on pithy conclusions about race and ethnicity from medical apps to inform patient diagnosis and treatment.