Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Big Data & Society Editors Evelyn Ruppert and Richard Rogers Among Keynotes at Data Power Conference 2015

What is the cost of the data delirium? What kind of power is enacted when data are employed by governments and security agencies to monitor populations? Is there a possibility of agency in the face of data power? 

BD&S Founding Editor Prof. Evelyn Ruppert
These are a few of the key questions that will be addressed at Data Power Conference 2015. Data Power 2015, hosted by The University of Sheffield on June 22-23, is a critical space of reflection on these and other issues related to big data practices and questions of power in big-data-driven environments. Key themes include the political economy of data; data cultures (data and the cultural industries, data journalism); data and the production of subjectivity and identity; data mining regulation; and, resistance, agency, and appropriation. 

The conference draws on a number of expert and critical reflections by a wide range of keynote speakers. Amongst them are Big Data & Society Editor and Founding Editor Evelyn Ruppert (Professor and Director of Research in the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London), and Editor Richard Rogers of the Digital Methods Initiative, University of Amsterdam, NL. 

BD& S Editor Prof. Richard Rogers
Professor Ruppert’s talk titled ‘From data subjects to digital citizens’ brings the political subject of data to the centre of concern by challenging a determinist analyses of the Internet — one that imagines people as passive data subjects. To the contrary, Prof. Ruppert attends to political subjectivities that are always performed in relation to sociotechnical arrangements. In compliment, Professor Rogers will build on Dominique Boullier's call for a third generation social science in his talk 'Dashboards, Social Media Monitoring and Critical Data Analytics' to discuss how the dashboard has become the dominant mode of display and social media monitoring as predominant analytical practice.

Data Power Conference 2015 is hosted by The Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociological Studies and The Digital Society Network at The University of Sheffield. For more information on programme and registration, visit Data Power Conference 2015.